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Travel Book Club

Our Travel Book Club is set to meet . The books we will read are about people’s experiences of and reflections about travel. It is not a travel guide club.

Open to:            Everyone

Venue:               Meeting room, [email protected]

360 Logan Road, Stones Corner

Conditions:      Free. However, we request that you purchase the book from [email protected] at a 10% discount.

Everyone’s invited to come along for a coffee after the discussion. There are lots of coffee shops in Stones Corner to choose from!

Convenor:        Terrie Ferman

Procedure:       The convenor will choose the book, prepare points of discussion and usually facilitate the meeting. Others are also welcome to be facilitators if Terrie happens to be travelling!

Book:   The Incidental Tourist – Peter Doherty

Next meeting:  Monday  November 5th 12md-1pm

Contact:            For further information, please email [email protected] or [email protected]

The extraordinary travel tales of an eminent scientist

Join Nobel Prize winner Peter Doherty on his extraordinary adventures around the globe.

Doherty’s dazzling schedule can leave his head spinning. So what happens when he lifts his gaze and asks: ‘What the hell am I doing here?’

Doherty has kept a journal about the far-flung destinations his work has taken him to for more than thirty years. His observations and discoveries in The Incidental Tourist make for perfect armchair travel.

About the Author

Peter Doherty shared the 1996 Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology for discovering the nature of the cellular immune defence. Based at the University of Melbourne, he continues to be involved in research directed at understanding and preventing the severe consequences of influenza virus infection. He has published five books for general readers, including the bestselling The Beginner’s Guide to Winning the Nobel Prize