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Travel Book Club

Our Travel Book Club is set to meet in September. The books we will read are about people’s experiences of and reflections about travel. It is not a travel guide club.

Open to:            Everyone

Venue:               Meeting room, [email protected]

360 Logan Road, Stones Corner

Conditions:      Free. However, we request that you purchase the book from [email protected] at a 10% discount.

Everyone’s invited to come along for a coffee after the discussion. There are lots of coffee shops in Stones Corner to choose from!

Convenor:        Terrie Ferman

Procedure:       The convenor will choose the book, prepare points of discussion and usually facilitate the meeting. Others are also welcome to be facilitators if Terrie happens to be travelling!

Book:   Cadence – Eddie Ayres

Next meeting:  Monday September 3rd 12md-1pm

Contact:            For further information, please email [email protected] or [email protected]


Memoir, intercontinental cycling adventure, music guide, Cadence is the debut book by ABC Classic FM’s Emma Ayres. Accompanied by Vita, her steadfast bicycle, and her violin, Aurelia, Emma Ayres cycles her way from England to Hong Kong. But this is also a journey through the keys – and the music that has inspired, shaped and provided refuge for Emma: Beethoven quartets, Mahler symphonies, Brahms sonatas, Bach suites … It is a book of questions too: How does the instrument you play reveal who you are as a person? Should you tell the serious Pakistani chap who has just welcomed you into the men’s quarters of his house that you’re not quite who he thinks you are…? Provocative, intelligent, surprising and funny, Cadence is a delight from one of Australia’s best-loved broadcasters.