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Diagnosis in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is the process of examining the body to diagnose disease and differentiate patterns under the guidance of the fundamental theories of TCM. It

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  • 9780939616640
  • Oct 15 2018
  • Edition 1

Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnosis Study Guide


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This highly successful textbook covers the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, and discusses in detail the use of acupuncture points and the principles of treatment. The

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  • 9780702052163
  • Jun 30 2015
  • Edition 3

The Foundations of Chinese Medicine

Giovanni Maciocia

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The new fourth edition of this popular handbook has been revised and updated to equip contemporary students with the written and oral communication guidelines they need to succeed at

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  • 9781118646014
  • Apr 10 2014
  • Edition 4

Communication Skills Handbook 4E

Summers & Smith

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