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The ants come scurrying one by one, hurrah, hurrah! Quickly they’re followed by swooping barn owls, trundling wombats, jumping kangaroos, striding brolgas and other favourite Australian animals (koalas, crocs,

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  • Hachette Australia
  • 9780734413635
  • Sep 25 2012
  • Edition 1
  • 24 Pages

All Set For The Big Wet

Foot, Mandy, Mandy Foot

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This hero has four paws and a wagging tail! Based on the true stories of heroic military and service dogs who save countless lives. At the kennels, Caesar the

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  • Random House Australia
  • 9781742756318
  • Jul 2 2012
  • Edition 1
  • 288 Pages

Caesar the War Dog

Dando-Collins, Stephen

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