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The fully revised and updated eighth edition of Australian Drug Guide brings you over 900 pages of up-to-the-minute information that could mean the difference between life and death for

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  • Jan 12 2016
  • Edition 8

Australian Drug Guide: The Plain Language Guide To Drugs And Medicines Of All Kinds

Jonathan Upfal

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Kathryn communicates the truly thrilling concepts of healing through detoxification – one of the most powerful means to recover one’s own health. The information in this publication is the

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  • 9780980376289
  • Jan 1 2013

Dietary Healing – The Complete Detox Program

Kathryn Alexander

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Laugh with Health is the complete body system guide to health and healing. Now completely revised and updated, this practical, easy-to-use book includes: – unique food charts and vital

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  • Exisle Publishing
  • 1921497947
  • Aug 1 2011
  • 224 Pages

Laugh with Health

Manfred Urs Koch, Urs Koch, Manfred

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By simply quartering your calorie intake on two non-consecutive days each week (500 calories for women, 600 for men), you’ll lose weight quickly and easily -and the joy of

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  • Allen & Unwin
  • 9781780721675
  • Feb 1 2013
  • Edition 1
  • 224 Pages

Fast Diet (The official 5:2 diet) The simple secret of intermitt


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As a woman, looking after your health is the most important step you can take towards creating a healthy, happy family and a thriving community. But in today’s busy

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  • Random House Australia
  • 9781742757247
  • Apr 1 2014
  • Edition 1
  • 816 Pages

Women’s Health Book, The

The Royal Women's Hospital

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A fact-filled conversation starter on menopause by comedian and health campaigner Jean Kittson When Jean Kittson hit menopause, she was amazed at what she didn't know. Given that 1.5

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  • Pan Macmillan Australia
  • 1742612067
  • May 1 2014
  • 272 Pages

You’re Still Hot to Me

Jean Kittson, Kittson, Jean

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From one of Australia's best loved and most respected medical practitioners comes the health book for our times. So many people feel constantly below par, stuck in a health

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  • Pan Macmillan Australia
  • 1742611923
  • Feb 1 2013
  • 336 Pages

Ultimate Wellness

Dr Kerryn Phelps, Kerryn Phelps, Dr

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Sick of feeling fat, sluggish and bloated?Based on years of experience helping clients in her own practice, and a long struggle with her own weight, leading Australian nutritionist Lola

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  • Pan Macmillan Australia
  • 1742610331
  • Sep 1 2012
  • 216 Pages

The 20/20 Diet

Berry, Lola, Lola Berry

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Sugar is critical for minimising stress, supporting thyroid function and optimising metabolism. Eliminating all sugars from your diet will do you harm. In DON’T QUIT SUGAR, Sydney-based nutritionist Cassie

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  • Hachette Australia
  • 9780733632099
  • Nov 26 2013
  • Edition 1
  • 160 Pages

Don’t Quit Sugar

Cassie Platt, Platt, Cassie

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Everything you believe about fat is wrong.Polyunsaturated oil – everyone knows it’s good for you, right? Wrong! And we all know artery-clogging, cholesterol-forming saturated fat is bad for you,

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  • Penguin Australia Pty Ltd
  • 9780670076819
  • Feb 27 2013
  • Edition 1
  • 280 Pages

Toxic Oil: Why Vegetable Oil Will Kill You & How to Save Yoursel

Gillespie David

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Lose weight Reach goals Feel fantastic The Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation has already helped Australians lose over 700,000 kilos! Now you can go behind the scenes and

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  • Penguin Australia Pty Ltd
  • 9780143570745
  • Nov 20 2013
  • Edition 1
  • 228 Pages

Get Real!: Inspiring Stories and lessons from the Michelle Bridg

Bridges Michelle

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A clear, simple guide for students of anatomy as well as an excellent resource for athletes, massage therapists, and anyone interested in the workings of the human body, this

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  • Random House US
  • 9781556437199
  • Jan 1 2011
  • Edition 1

Concise Book of Muscles, The

Jarmey, Chris

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