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World Expo 88 was the largest, longest, and strangest of Australia’s bicentennial events. A shiny 1980s amalgam of shopping mall, cultural precinct, theme park, travelogue, and rock concert, the

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  • 9780702259906

We’ll Show the World – Expo 88

Jackie Ryan

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This is a contributed text on traditional medicines throughout the world. Almost 20 years ago the World Health Organization estimated that ‘In many countries, 80 per cent or more

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  • Pharmaceutical Press
  • 9780853698333
  • Jan 1 2010

Traditional Medicine – A Global Perspective

Steven B Kayne

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Australia is the last continent to be settled by Europeans, but it also sustains a people and a culture tens of thousands years old. For much of the past

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  • Cambridge University Press
  • 9781107562431
  • Nov 1 2015
  • Edition 4

A Concise History of Australia

Stuart Macintyre

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The book shows the Convict and O???cers??? Barracks and
convicts digging roads along what became Queen Street
and North Quay.

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  • Boolarong Press
  • Jun 1 2012

Historic Brisbane

de Vries, Susanna and Jake

$39.95 Add

The memory of Cloudland at Boyd Street, Bowen Hills, Brisbane, Queensland, dredges up wonderful and scintillating images from our past.

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  • Boolarong Press
  • May 29 2013


Lergessner, James G

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Keeping the Peace will be an important resource for social historians, legal academics and others interested in changing approaches to police administration and the evolution of modern law enforcement

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  • Boolarong Press
  • Jun 7 2013

Keeping the Peace

Pointing, Laurie

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  • Boolarong Press
  • Sep 1 2005

The Best of Colonial Brisbane

Fisher, Rod

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  • Boolarong Press
  • Mar 20 2013

History of Mt Coot-tha

Spillman, Janet

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A chronological account the main periods and events in the Australian story that traces the forces that have shaped the nation from the coming of the first Aborigines to

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  • Rosenberg Publishing
  • Apr 1 2014

The Making of Australia

Murray, Robert, Robert Murray

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Winner of the 2014 Stella Prize It’s one of Australia’s foundation legends – yet the story has always been told as if half the participants weren’t there. But what

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  • The Text Publishing Company
  • 9781922182548
  • May 8 2014
  • 560 Pages

Forgotten Rebels of Eureka

Wright Clare

$34.99 Add

On 7 August 1915, in an ill-fated attempt to break the stalemate at Gallipoli, hundreds of Australian light horsemen repeatedly charged the massed rifles and machine-guns of the Turkish

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  • Exisle Publishing
  • 1921966106
  • Nov 1 2012
  • 176 Pages

The Nek

Burness, Peter, Peter Burness

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