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The essential companion for the urban explorer. Walking Brisbane reveals the city’s colonial past and vibrant present. Part of a series on Australian city walks. Features 30 walks through

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  • Jan 1 2017
  • Edition Revised & Updated

Walking Brisbane – 30 Original Walks in and around Brisbane

Alison Cotes

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More than ninety years on, A.H. Chisholm’s classic Mateship with Birds is still as fresh and inspirational as an early-morning walk in the bush, the air resounding with birdsong.

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  • Scribe Publications
  • 9781922070326
  • Mar 20 2013
  • Edition 1
  • 208 Pages

Mateship With Birds

Chisholm A H

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  • 9781921517280
  • Jun 24 2013
  • Edition 4

Complete Guide to Reptiles of Australia

Swan Gerry + Wilson Steve

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A Home for Bilby is an engaging picture book that takes children on a journey through the Australian outback and the habitats of the animals that live there. Join

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  • Magabala Books
  • Oct 1 2004

A Home for Bilby

Crawford, Joanne, Joanne Crawford

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Working Dogs celebrates the contribution of these remarkable animals in our communities and on our farms. It features over 300 photographs of the dogs that are a familiar and

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  • Pan Macmillan Australia
  • 1742613330
  • Nov 1 2013
  • 208 Pages

Working Dogs

Press, Rural, Rural Press

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Fred Watson knows all about the madness that drives people to understand the Universe and unlock its secrets.Now you can join Australia’s best-known astronomer on a unique tour to

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  • Allen & Unwin
  • 9781742373768
  • Feb 1 2013
  • Edition 1
  • 348 Pages

Star-Craving Mad Tales from a travelling astronomer


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Whether you live in the country, the suburbs or the city you can’t have missed that chickens are back, and in style. A book of everyday inspiration, THE CONTENTED

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  • HarperCollins Publishers
  • 9780733330537
  • Jun 1 2012
  • 272 Pages

The Contented Chook: Practical Tips and Inspirational Ideas for KeepingYour Hens Happy

Gardening Australia

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The book to own if you want to know EXACTLY what your dog is thinking – and why your dog sometimes behaves strangely. Martin ‘The Dog Man’ McKenna translates

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  • HarperCollins Publishers
  • 9780733329364
  • Sep 1 2011
  • 240 Pages

What’s Your Dog Telling You? Australia’s Best-Known Dog CommunicatorExplains Your Dog’s Behaviour

McKenna, Martin

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Practical, portable and easy to use, these fully illustrated regional pocket field guides are the ideal companion for all experienced and beginner birdwatchers in Australia. The Pizzey & Knight

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  • HarperCollins Publishers
  • 9780732295356
  • Sep 1 2013
  • 144 Pages

Regional Field Guide to Birds: South-east Coast and Ranges

Knight, F

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The definitive guide to identifying Australian birds. The definitive and most respected guide to Australian bird identification, this book is a must for both experts and amateurs. First published

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  • HarperCollins Publishers
  • 9780732291938
  • Sep 1 2012
  • Edition 09
  • 624 Pages

The Field Guide to the Birds of Australia 9th Edition

Knight, F

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