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The essential companion for the urban explorer. Walking Brisbane reveals the city’s colonial past and vibrant present. Part of a series on Australian city walks. Features 30 walks through

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  • Jan 1 2017
  • Edition Revised & Updated

Walking Brisbane – 30 Original Walks in and around Brisbane

Alison Cotes

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Create professional, high-definition videos using tips from the pros

Edit video clips, add soundtracks, create special effects, and put it all on DVD

Got a story to tell? Movie-making is easy

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  • Wiley Publishing
  • 9780764577734
  • Nov 15 2018

Final Cut ProHD for Dummies

Helmut Kobler

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Fleeing his shady Australian past, Aaron Smith travels to India and encounters a murder mystery, witnesses the tragic death of a friend, dodges terrorist attacks and a revolution and

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  • Transit Lounge
  • Nov 1 2011

shanti bloody shanti

Aaron Smith, Smith, Aaron

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“Sydney may look golden, but this is the sunniness of Mozart, whose bright notes, especially at their most joyous, seem to cast themselves out across a great abyss.” Sydney

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  • NewSouth Publishing
  • Oct 1 2010


Delia Falconer, Falconer, Delia

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Peter Timms leads us on a journey through his adopted city of Hobart, Australias smallest, most southerly, least prosperous, but arguably most beautiful state capital. He reveals a city

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  • NewSouth Publishing
  • Oct 1 2009

In Search of Hobart

Peter Timms, Timms, Peter

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Twenty-five years ago, a young curator of mammals from the Australian Museum in Sydney set out to research the fauna of the Pacific Islands. Starting with a survey

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  • The Text Publishing Company
  • 9781921758751
  • Oct 31 2011
  • Edition 1
  • 288 Pages

Among the Islands: Adventures in the Pacific

Flannery Tim

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  • Black Inc
  • 9781863955430
  • Aug 29 2011
  • Edition 1
  • 320 Pages

The Well at the World’s End

Mackinnon A J

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On an impulse, Trudi-Ann Tierney, Sydney producer and former actress, goes to Kabul to manage a bar. She quickly falls into the local TV industry, where she becomes responsible

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  • Allen & Unwin
  • 9781743314272
  • Mar 1 2014
  • Edition 1
  • 304 Pages

Making Soapies in Kabul Hot days, crazy nights and dangerous lia


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In July 2010, Tom Doig and his best mate Tama Pugsley cycled 1487 kilometres across northern Mongolia from a small town called Moron to a smaller town also called

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  • Allen & Unwin
  • 9781743311264
  • May 1 2013
  • Edition 1
  • 360 Pages

Moron to Moron Two men, two bikes, one Mongolian misadventure


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Darwin is a survivor, you have to give it that. Razed to the ground four times in its short history, it has picked itself up out of the debris

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  • NewSouth Publishing
  • May 1 2014


Lea, Tess, Tess Lea

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A painting, a frog cake, a landmark, a statue, a haunting newspaper photograph, a bucket of peaches, pink shorts in parliament, concert tickets, tourist maps Kerryn Goldsworthys Adelaide is

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  • NewSouth Publishing
  • Oct 1 2011


Goldsworthy, Kerryn, Kerryn Goldsworthy

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When Louise Hawson realised she was a stranger in her own city, she set herself a mission to explore and photograph one new Sydney suburb a week for a

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  • NewSouth Publishing
  • May 1 2011

52 Suburbs

Hawson, Louise, Louise Hawson

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