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  • 9781405192217
  • Edition 2nd Edition

Patient Safety

Charles Vincent

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The perfect resource for any setting where infusion therapy skills are required! Its popular, self-paced approach makes it ideal for classroom and clinical settings as it progresses from

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  • F A Davis & Co
  • Feb 28 2014
  • Edition 6

Manual of IV Therapeutics – Evidence Based Practice for Infusion Therapy

Lynn.D Phillips/Lisa A Gorski

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A fundamental local law text for undergraduate paramedics in Australia and New Zealand.

Applied Paramedic Law and Ethics Australia and New Zealand is the first of its kind to bring

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  • Elsevier
  • Sep 15 2012

Applied Paramedic Law and Ethics Australia and New Zealand

Ruth Townsend/Morgan Luck

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  • The Quick Reference Guide is updated and included in this book. It is also made available as an app
  • Updating all chapters – particularly toxicology, IT, Paediatrics
  • New resuscitation guidelines –
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  • Churchill Livingstone
  • 9780729541466
  • Sep 27 2013
  • Edition 6

Emergency Medicine; The Principles of Practice

Gordon Fulde; Sasha Fulde

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Anatomy and physiology students face the challenge of synthesising a lot of information into conceptual understanding. Principles of Anatomy and

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  • John Wiley & Son's
  • 9780730314622
  • Edition 1st Asia-Pacific Edition
  • 848 Pages

Principles of Anatomy & Physiology 1st Asia-Pacific Edition

Tortora,Derrickson,Burkett,Dye, Crook et al

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Paramedic Principles and Practice ANZ: A Clinical Reasoning Approach explores the principles of clinical practice for paramedics working in Australia and New Zealand today.

The text is an invaluable resource

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  • Elsevier
  • May 5 2015
  • Edition 1st

Paramedic Principles & Practice ANZ – A Clinical Reasoning Approach


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