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  • 9781405192217
  • Edition 2nd Edition

Patient Safety

Charles Vincent

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This is a quick reference to more than 450 of the most commonly used diagnostic tests – including genetic and microbiology tests included for the first time! Guide to

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  • McGrawHill
  • Mar 16 2017
  • Edition 7

Guide to Diagnostic Tests

Diana Nicoll; Chuanyi Mark Lu; Stephen J McPhee

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The fully revised and updated eighth edition of Australian Drug Guide brings you over 900 pages of up-to-the-minute information that could mean the difference between life and death for

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  • Jan 12 2016
  • Edition 8

Australian Drug Guide: The Plain Language Guide To Drugs And Medicines Of All Kinds

Jonathan Upfal

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A fundamental local law text for undergraduate paramedics in Australia and New Zealand.

Applied Paramedic Law and Ethics Australia and New Zealand is the first of its kind to bring

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  • Elsevier
  • Sep 15 2012

Applied Paramedic Law and Ethics Australia and New Zealand

Ruth Townsend/Morgan Luck

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Do your students find maths and medications challenging?
Would you like to be able to give your students more personalised support and feedback?
Would you like to provide more

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  • Pearson
  • Jan 1 2012
  • Edition Australian

Numeracy in Nursing and Healthcare – Calculations and Practice – Australian Edition


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In order to provide the highest level of care to patients and clients, health professionals need a sound knowledge and understanding of healthcare ethics. Foundations of Healthcare Ethics: Theory

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  • 9781107639645
  • Apr 8 2015
  • Edition 1

Foundations of Healthcare Ethics: Theory to Practice

Ozoliņš & Grainger

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Ethics and Law for the Health Professions is a cross-disciplinary medico-legal book whose previous editions have been widely used by students, teachers and practitioners in the health professions and

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  • 9781862879096
  • Mar 28 2013
  • Edition 4

Ethics and Law for the Health Professions


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Mastering Medical Terminology: Australia and New Zealand 2e is the essential resource for Australian and New Zealand health students seeking to develop their medical vocabulary.

Structured to maximise learning through

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  • Elsevier
  • 9780729542401
  • Oct 13 2016
  • Edition 2nd

Mastering Medical Terminology ANZ 2nd Edition

Sue Walker, MAryann Wood, Jenny Nicol

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Law for Nurses and Midwives is the most highly respected health law text for nursing and midwifery students studying law as part of their degree. Now in its 8th

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  • Elsevier
  • 9780729542456
  • Jan 1 1970
  • Edition 8

Law for Nurses and Midwives

Patricia Staunton / Mary Chiarella

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A valuable resource for those in clinical practice and students undertaking primary and secondary qualifications in the complementary medicine and therapy disciplines.’ Caroline Smith, Professor, Complementary Medicine Research, National

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  • Allen & Unwin
  • 9781760290467
  • Oct 1 2016
  • Edition 5th

Law and Ethics in Complementary Medicine – A handbook for practitioners in Australia and New Zealand

Michael Weir

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Fully updated and revised, the trusted Australian Nurses’ Dictionary, 6e remains the only pocket-sized dictionary specific to Australia

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  • 1 JUNE 2016
  • 9780729542296
  • Edition 6

Australian Nurses Dictionary


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Anatomy and physiology students face the challenge of synthesising a lot of information into conceptual understanding. Principles of Anatomy and

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  • John Wiley & Son's
  • 9780730314622
  • Edition 1st Asia-Pacific Edition
  • 848 Pages

Principles of Anatomy & Physiology 1st Asia-Pacific Edition

Tortora,Derrickson,Burkett,Dye, Crook et al

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