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Written by Judy Craft and Christopher Gordon, Understanding Pathophysiology 3e remains Australia
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  • Elsevier
  • 9780729542647
  • Oct 1 2018
  • Edition 3

Understanding Pathophysiology 3ed ANZ

Craft,Gordon, Huether & McCance

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This feature packed, high quality fingertip pulse oximeter is available in two colours.


  • Backlight LCD Display
  • Automatic On/Off Detection
  • Audiovisual Alarm
  • Real Time Pulse Bar
  • INCLUDES:  Strap & Soft Carry Case


  • Oxygen saturation (SpO2)
  • Pulse rate
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Prince® Oximeter (100B3) – Green

$139.95 Add
High quality fingertip pulse oximeter for both clinical and personal use.  The 100A Pulse Oximeter has a monochrome digital LCD display with backlight support can be read in all
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Prince® Oximeter (100A)

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3M­™ Littmann® Classic III™ Stethoscope

The Littmann Classic III stethoscope is the latest version of the stethoscope that helps millions of medical professionals achieve their best. It brings new design,

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3m Littman Classic III Stethoscope

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Format: Spiral Bound


Organized by region, this text provides the fundamentals of evaluation andexamination techniques of the musculoskeletal system. Each region begins with step-by-step instructions for goniometry, manual
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  • Lippincott Williams and Wilkins
  • 9780781710077
  • Jan 2 1998

Fundamentals of Musculoskeletal Assessment Techniques

M.Lynn Palmer, Marcia E. Epler

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The Quick Reference Orthopedic Conditions Manual is designed as a quick reference guide for manual medicine students, practitioners & instructors, and as a companion book for the Clinical Physical

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  • 9780973274271

Orthopedic Conditions – Quick Reference Evidence Based


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‘Don’t guess, Assess.” – Every doctor and therapist should own evidence-informed Orthopedic Assessment, designed as a quick reference guide for students, instructors and healthcare providers. Orthopedic Assessment is a

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  • 9780993619168

Orthopedic Assessment – Quick Reference Evidence Based


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  • Oxford University Press
  • 9781920994204
  • Nov 30 2011

Videbeck’s Mental Health Nursing First Australian Edition

Evans & Brown

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  • Oxford University Press
  • 9780190305222
  • Jan 10 2018
  • Edition 3rd Edition

Mental Health Nursing Dimensions of Praxis

Karen-leigh Edward, Ian Munro, Anthony Welch and Wendy Cross

$90.95 Add
  • John Wiley & Sons Australia
  • 9780730314707
  • Jul 3 2015
  • Edition 3rd Australian Ed

Lifespan Development

Michele Hoffnung, Robert J. Hoffnung, Kelvin L. Seifert and Alison Hine

$148.75 Add
Chronic Care Nursing: A Framework for Practice provides a comprehensive and accessible overview of the role of the nurse in dealing with chronic conditions across a
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  • Cambridge University Press Australia
  • 9781316600740
  • Jul 1 2016

Chronic Care Nursing – A Framework for Practice

Linda Deravin-Malone and Judith Anderson

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This contemporary and practical text helps you discover and determine your own guidelines for helping within the broad limits of professional codes of ethics and divergent theoretical positions. ISSUES

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  • 9781337406291
  • Edition 10

Issues and Ethics in the Helping Professions 10E

Cindy Corey, Gerald Corey, Marianne Schneider Corey

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