Black Saturday at Steels Creek

Stanley Peter

The Black Saturday bushfires killed 173 people – wreaking a greater human toll than any other fire in Australia’s history. Ten of those people died in Steels Creek, a small community on Melbourne’s outskirts. It was a beautiful place, which its residents had long treasured and loved. By the evening of 7 February 2009, it looked like a battlefield.Prize-winning historian Peter Stanley tells the dramatic stories of this small town on that one terrifying evening – of epic fights to save houses, of escapes, and of deaths. But Black Saturday at Steels Creek also tells the tale of a community – of people’s attachments to the valley and to each other – and how, over the weeks and years that followed, they lived with the aftermath of the fire. The most detailed account of any one community to emerge from the fire, Black Saturday at Steels Creek shows what Black Saturday means not only for Steels Creek, but also for Australia as a whole. ‘The most significant topic in this warming world of ours. An important and deeply moving book.’ Adrian Hyland, Author of Kinglake-350 ‘Insightful and comprehensive … what sets it apart is the coverage of the diverse range of experiences.’ Dr Kevin Tolhurst, Senior Bushfire Researcher

  • Scribe Publications
  • 9781922070333
  • Apr 24 2013
  • Edition 1
  • 240 Pages