An All Australian Alphabet Book

Leanne White, White Leanne

An All Australian Alphabet Book


???An All Austrlian Alphabet Book???
This beautifully illustrated Alphabet book is brimming with Australian animals, birds and invertebrates. Can you find the creatures described in the catchy text?
Toni Hough???s exquisite botanical pen and ink drawings portray a myriad of Australian creatures in their natural habitat.
She has also incorporated the life cycle of the Ulysses butterfly as it metamorphisms from egg to pupae to adult.
This book although targeting the pre reader???s requirement of continual exposure to the alphabet also has appeal to slightly older readers because of the detailed, intricate drawings and catchy text.
An All Australian Alphabet Book is an adventure for children to read and explore.

  • Wild Eyed Press
  • Nov 30 2011
  • Edition 1
  • 32 Pages