He’s my Dad

Leanne White, White Leanne

He's my Dad


A short description about the book: ???He’s my Dad??? is a hilarious look at Dads who are funny, silly, kind, caring and loving. The twist in this book is that dad is a comical Australian Galah -the Australian icon of rowdy unorthodox behavior.
Frantically he rears three chicks through stages of development until they leave home for their own nest.
He???s my Dad??? has strong messages for the traditional and non traditional family unit of the nurturing role of men. The rough tumble play, the great bear hugs and the child???s concepts of strength and stability. It has messages of recognizing bullying behavior, taking a stand and independence.
These messages in ???He???s My Dad??? are valuable in many educational contexts.
He???s my Dad??? simple text is recommended for pre and early readers, although the comical illustrations will captivate an audience of any age group.

  • Wild Eyed Press
  • Nov 30 2011
  • Edition 1
  • 28 Pages