Specky Magee & The Great Footy Contest

Arena Felice & Lyon Garry

Player Profile: Name: Simon ‘SPECKY’ MageeAge: 13Code: Australian Rules FootballTeam: Booyong High Lions, Under 14’sPosition played: Star forward. Known for his SPEC-tacular marking ability and for kicking plenty of goals.What to expect this season: Specky comes face to face with a tough, talented player by the name of Derek ‘Screamer’ Johnson. He was responsible for having Specky sent off during a game last season. The two boys become bitter rivals and when a popular TV show runs a nationwide football contest, Specky is relieved when everyone except Screamer decides to enter. But why is Screamer such a bully on the field? And why is he sucking up to Specky’s team-mates?Guaranteed highlights: Incredible footy action by Specky, a surprise trip and the introduction of some terrific new friends. Question on everyone’s lips: A true champion in the making, but is Specky good enough to win the Great Footy Contest? By the bestselling authors of Specky Magee. Visit www.speckymagee.com.au for more

  • Penguin Australia Pty Ltd
  • 9780143300618
  • Mar 31 2003
  • Edition 1
  • 156 Pages