A Woman of the Future: Text Classics

Ireland David

Introduced by Favel Parrett ‘Mother’s stomach bellied out like a sail. Young, she was unable to say no to anyone who asked her to make love. Her reasons for her behaviour were all her own; never, after she’d had me did she allow another man to enter her; my birth was her real marriage. And when I was six, she shut herself away entirely.’ A Woman of the Future, first published in 1979, was David Ireland’s best-selling sixth novel and his third to win the Miles Franklin Award. An imaginative tour de force, it is the story of the young life of Anthea Hunt – from conception to sexual awakening. It is controversial and brilliant, and unlike anything else in Australian literature. Now published as a Text Classic, it features a new introduction from Kate Jennings. ‘Immense originality, wit and gritty wisdom…… David Ireland has reached the top.’ Patrick White ‘Superlative powers of observation…… a very rewarding read.’ Manning Clark www.textclassics.com.au

  • The Text Publishing Company
  • 9781922079824
  • Nov 21 2012
  • Edition 1
  • 480 Pages