Cosmo Cosmolino: Text Classics

Garner Helen

Introduced by Ramona Koval He straightened his spine, raised his head, and extended his gun arm towards me in a slow, vertical arc. I saw then what he was, and stood still in front of him, for he was here on business. He was a small, serious, stone-eyed angel of mercy.Janet is a skeptic, a journalist; Maxine revels in New Age fantasies; and Ray, a drifter, is a born-again Christian. The common ground is the house they share. But their fragile domestic balance is about to explode amid the smashing of ukeleles, the unexpected ascension of an angel, and a sudden shower of jonquils.

  • The Text Publishing Company
  • 9781921922206
  • Apr 26 2012
  • Edition 1
  • 221 Pages