Island Girl

Houbein, Lolo

Island Girl


‘Outside I push my hands deep in my pockets and march off. Going to reinvent Bianka Woodsman. Rescue what is my own from a collision with an intrusive ancient relative!’ Bianka loves her home island, the booming ocean, rocky beaches and ancient caves. But after being stalked by an unsavoury character she broods on escape. Then, in just three months of spring in her first year at home after high school, Bianka’s life turns around. She overhears that she looks like a mysterious ancestor no one wants to discuss. Who was this Flora, this brilliant artist? Bianka’s quest to find out the truth leads her to Tom the Hermit. But hidden secrets await discovery in Flora’s ruined, isolated studio. Uncomfortable truths, lies and deceptions come to light. Past and future entwine in a strangely visionary dream in which Bianka comes face to face with herself in another time. Summer guests arrive. Suddenly the air is thick with mystery and romance …

  • Hybrid Publishers
  • 9781876462888
  • Jul 1 2009
  • Edition 1
  • 192 Pages