The Sinkings

Amanda Curtin, Curtin, Amanda

The Sinkings


In 1882 human remains were discovered at the Sinkings, a lonely campsite near Albany, Western Australia. The surgeon conducting the autopsy claimed they were those of a woman. Why, then, was the victim later identified as Little Jock, a former convict? And why was the murder so brutal, so gruesome? More than a hundred years later, Willa Samson embarks on a long and lonely search to find out. The Sinkings is a story within a story, the tragic historical account of Little Jocks life embedded within a contemporary narrative of a mothers guilt and grief. Beautifully crafted, the novel deals with the dilemma confronting parents of an intersexed child and the issue of gender. While a work of fiction, the discovery of Little Jocks remains and the controversy surrounding their identification are actual events. Click on the link to view a book trailer of The Sinkings on YouTube Read an interview with Amanda here

  • UWA Publishing
  • Jul 1 2008