Tree Palace

Sherborne Craig

They tried Mansfield but it was freezing and snowed and people like them don’t fit in because they don’t look prosperous. One time near Yellingbo they found a church no one prayed in and they lived there and for three weeks had stained glass for windows…… They got chased out and went to Shepparton but Shane had a run-in and police said move. Shane, Moira and Midge, along with young Zara and Rory, are ‘trants’ – itinerants roaming the plains north-west of Melbourne in search of disused houses to sleep in, or to strip of heritage fittings when funds are low. When they find their Tree Palace outside Barleyville, things are looking up. At last, a place in which to settle down. But Zara, fifteen, is pregnant and doesn’t want a child. She’d rather a normal life with town boys, not trant life with a baby. Moira decides to step in: she’ll look after her grandchild. Then Shane finds himself in trouble with the local cops…… Warmly told and witty, Craig Sherborne’s second novel is a revelation – an affecting story of family and rural life.

  • The Text Publishing Company
  • 9781922147325
  • Mar 26 2014
  • 288 Pages