Laugh with Health

Manfred Urs Koch, Urs Koch, Manfred

Laugh with Health


Laugh with Health is the complete body system guide to health and healing. Now completely revised and updated, this practical, easy-to-use book includes: – unique food charts and vital health hints for everyday use- a detailed explanation of 36 essential vitamins and minerals- food combination charts for improved digestion and health- simple recipe ideas based on a full range of natural foods- specific natural food diets for various common health conditionsRecommended by medical doctors and naturopaths, Laugh with Health is everyone's essential reference for living a life of health and wellbeing. In print for over 25 years, it has been the top-selling Australian health book for the last 10 years. Over 130,000 copies have been sold. This new edition with Exisle has been fully revised, updated and redesigned to give the book a fresh look and a new lease on life!

  • Exisle Publishing
  • 1921497947
  • Aug 1 2011
  • 224 Pages