Billy’s Dictionary for Blokes

Brownless Billy

Until now there have only been two types of dictionaries. Big boring ones and pocket-sized boring ones, both about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike. Billy knows a bit about words because he talks a lot so he’s put pen to paper and written a useful dictionary. He explains the meaning of words you can actually use – like cocko, frothy and hammered – with translations of chick words and new-fangled teenage words, essential for smooth sailing with the missus and the kids. Billy’s doing his bit for history too, preserving phrases so they don’t go down the gurgler, like hunky dory, fair suck of the sauce bottle and bee’s dick, and he makes sure you don’t make a goose of yourself by getting the words wrong. Good one, Billy!

  • Penguin Australia Pty Ltd
  • 9781921518805
  • Aug 1 2011
  • Edition 1
  • 256 Pages