Code Noir

de Pierres, Marianne, Marianne de Pierres

Jamon Mondo may be dead, but don’t think that makes Parrish Plessis’ life any less complicated. Sure, she’s got a shape-changing psycho off her back, but at what cost The media have a price on her head so high that every scumbag from the Tert to Viva City Central is out to get a piece of her. The neighbouring ganglords are getting antsy for a share of the territory she just liberated. And Cabal Coomera reckon Parrish owes them a blood debt – one that can only be repaid by assassinating Loyl Daac, the only guy to ever majorly interest her. One thing’s for sure … Parrish is gonna need some bigger guns …

  • Hachette Australia
  • 9781841492575
  • Sep 6 2004
  • Edition 1
  • 320 Pages