Australian Drug Guide: The Plain Language Guide To Drugs And Medicines Of All Kinds

Jonathan Upfal

The fully revised and updated eighth edition of Australian Drug Guide brings you over 900 pages of up-to-the-minute information that could mean the difference between life and death for you or someone you know. In plain English, Dr Jonathan Upfal offers practical advice you can trust about the most used drugs in Australia:
what the drug is for how it works in your body how to take the drug what to do if you miss a dose how long before you can expect to benefit from taking it severe and minor side effects things you must tell your doctor before taking the drug when you should not take the drug chemical names and drug classes all brand names and if a cheaper generic version is available
Australian Drug Guide also includes a safety checklist for age, pregnancy, breastfeeding, sport, driving, alcohol, pre-existing conditions and interactions with other medications.
You’ll find the answers to all your questions about the medicines prescribed for you and your family in Australian Drug Guide. If you value your health, you can’t afford to be without this easy-to-use reference.

  • Jan 12 2016
  • Edition 8