Iridology Basic Skills – Window to Your Body & Soul : Narelle S. Duncan

Perfect for Beginners

Begin your Iridology studies with the historical beginnings of iris diagnosis and the fore-fathers who mastered its technique.

Iridology Basic Skills is dedicated to the teachings of American Iridologist – Bernard Jensen.  Take a close look at the anatomy and physiology of the eye.  Learn the tools of the trade and equipment used in iris diagnosis.  Review the different types of topography maps and learn how to read Bernard Jensen’s map (A4 size topography map included).

Iridology Book Content:

  • Eye anatomy and physiology
  • Iris diagnostic equipment
  • Topography maps
  • Examining the iris
  • Iris by constitution
  • Stages of disease
  • Iris markings and signs
  • Pupil signs
  • Speciaity: iris markings of the digestive system
  • Glossary of terms