Emergency Medicine; The Principles of Practice

Gordon Fulde; Sasha Fulde

  • The Quick Reference Guide is updated and included in this book. It is also made available as an app
  • Updating all chapters – particularly toxicology, IT, Paediatrics
  • New resuscitation guidelines – Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation; External Automated Defibrillation in BLS; Compressions; Breathing; Airway; Unconsciousness; Priorities in an Emergency; Principles and Format for Developing Guidelines (all revised 12/2010 following ILCOR)
  • More comprehensive content for Indigenous and Rural Emergencies chapter
  • Moderate repetition arising from so many contributors
  • The CT Brain and C spine Rules have been added to the Quick Reference Guide.
  • Churchill Livingstone
  • 9780729541466
  • Sep 27 2013
  • Edition 6