Food & Nutrition

Mark L. Walqvist

 A comprehensive introduction to nutrition, setting it in the context of food systems and health across the lifespan.

Mark Wahlqvist’s Food and Nutrition is widely regarded as the most authoritative introduction to nutrition and dietetics in the region. It provides a comprehensive overview of nutrition needs at different life stages, the biochemistry of foods, dietary disorders, and the social, political and environmental contexts of food production and consumption.

This third edition has been completely revised and significantly expanded to encompass recent developments in nutritional science, technology and policy. It includes new material on genetics, regulation, food production, birth weight, lifestyle and cancer, and the implications of climate change for food production, safety and availability. Chapters are extensively illustrated with data and diagrams.

The book is divided into the following sections:

* Human nutrition

* Food systems, security and policy

* The biology of food components

* Lifespan nutrition

* Food and disease

* Food and nutrition for individuals and society

  • Allen & Unwin
  • 9781741758979
  • Feb 1 2012
  • Edition 3