Fundamentals of Nursing Clinical Skills Workbook


Fundamentals of Nursing: clinical skills workbook, 2nd edition will assist Australian and New Zealand students to master the clinical nursing skills they require to deliver the highest quality of care to their patients.

Nursing students and lecturers familiar with the Nursing Skills format in Potter and Perry’s Fundamentals of Nursing will benefit from this separate, lightweight workbook which enables students to easily transport the skills content to lectures, labs and clinical practice. Additionally, the clinical skills workbook provides students with a clear and accessible personal record of achievement and allows an opportunity for reflection to encourage meaningful learning.

The simple structure of the workbook allows students to work through and master the skills necessary to become a competent, qualified nurse.

A concise Overview precedes each skill set followed by the trusted Step-by-step approach and Rationales to help students understand how and why a skill is performed. . Each skill is then assessed using the competency check lists which are aligned to the National Competency Standards for the Registered Nurse for Australia and New Zealand and support the theory and practice of each skill.

The Bondy rating scale is utilised in the check lists to provide clearly defined levels of competency and an opportunity for reflection is included  to encourage meaningful learning.

An impressive suite of Australian nursing clinical skills videos is also available via Elsevier’s Evolve platform to be used in conjunction with the workbook. Ideal for viewing in class or during independent study, these supporting videos provide students with a valuable tool for revision prior to assessment.

  • Mosby
  • 9780729542395
  • Jan 21 2013
  • Edition 3