Indigenous Australian’s & Health – The Wombat in the Room

Robert Hampton

Can you see the wombat in the room? Indigenous Australians and Health assists the reader, through simple and practical strategies, to appreciate and understand the importance of Getting it right, when working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians in urban and remote areas. The text’s key themes outline the fundamental and underlying components that continue to influence good health for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. It further seeks to provide an understanding of Indigenous Australian perspectives of their own health, and examines the historical connections between health and the impacts of colonisation, both past and present in Australia. By promoting awareness of culturally-based issues, which can impact on access and response to clinical health services, this book works to close the gap between the wider Australian community and Indigenous Australians in health outcomes and life expectancy.   Features Fact boxes that will help you spot the wombat and dispel any preconceived notions. Rich with case examples, placement experiences and personal stories that show real experiences from the field. Gives insights into how health practitioners can influence healthier outcomes. Lots of questions to encourage students to reflect on their learning.

  • Oxford University Press
  • Sep 1 2013