Alexander’s Care of the Patient in Surgery

Jane C. Rothrock

Alexander's Care of the Patient in Surgery


Alexander’s Care of the Patient in Surgery is the most dependable source for comprehensive perioperative information.  Well-known author and educator, Jane C. Rothrock, continues to provide step-by-step instructions for over 400 surgical procedures, including many minimally invasive methods, all backed by the latest research.  More than 1,000 full-color illustrations and photos depict current techniques, as well as surgical anatomy and instrumentation.  This edition adds cutting-edge information to reflect new concepts for both invasive and non-invasive surgical procedures, whether the location is in a hospital, outpatient clinic, or doctor’s office.

  • NEW and UNIQUE! Patient-Centered Care boxes feature simplified conversations that you can have with patients to help them better understand their surgical procedure.
  • NEW! A Critical Thinking Question at the end of every chapter tests your understanding of chapter content.
  • NEW! Key Points at the end of every chapter help you retain important concepts from the text.
  • NEW! Laboratory Values appendix contains all laboratory value information in one convenient location
  • Mosby
  • 9780323089425
  • Nov 27 2014
  • Edition 15