Practical Skin Cancer Surgery

Mileham Hayes

Practical Skin Cancer Surgery, written by Dr Mileham Hayes, offers primary care physicians a comprehensive practical go-to guide to detail and teach Skin Cancer Surgery operations which can be done in a doctor’s clinic under local anaesthetic.

Perfect for:

  • • Primary care physicians
  • • Surgical trainees


  • • Surgery specific.
  • • Clearly structured step-by-step instructions.
  • • The book is divided into 8 sections covering all the requirements of the College examinations.
  • • Evidence based diagnosis treatment and surgery.

Progressing from equipment and set up, anatomy, basic, straight-line excisions to more complex flaps, Practical Skin Cancer Surgery outlines step-by-step, methodical instruction to proficiently excise skin cancer in a clinic, under local anaesthetic.

  • Churchill Livingstone
  • May 5 2014