Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing

Elder; O'Brien; Nizette

This new edition has been thoroughly revised and updated to reflect current research and changing attitudes about mental health, mental health services and mental health nursing in Australia and New Zealand.
New to this edition
  • 3 new chapters:
    Physical health care: addresses the physical health of people with mental health problems and the conditions that have an association with increased risk of mental health problems
    – Mental health promotion: engages with the ways in which early intervention can either prevent or alleviate the effects of mental health problems
    – Challenging behaviours: presents a range of risk assessments specifically focused upon challenging behaviours
  • Now addresses emerging issues, such as:
    – The transitioning of mental health care to primary care
    – The development of peer and service user led services, accreditation and credentialing
    – Mental Health Nurse Incentive Program
Author Info
By Katie Evans, RPN, BA, MLitSt, PhD, FANZCMHN, Lecturer and Convenor of the Postgraduate Mental Health Program, School of Nursing, Griffith University, Brisbane, QLD, Australia; Debra Nizette, RN, Credentialed MHN, DipAppSc(Nursing Ed), BAppSc(Nursing), MNurStudies, FRCNA, FACMHN , Mental Health Nursing Advisor, Office of the Chief Nursing Officer; Queensland Health and Anthony O’Brien
  • Elsevier Australia
  • 9780729542319
  • Oct 1 2016
  • Edition 4